Apple is struggling again with patent infringement blame

Apple is the leading technology giant, amalgamating the highest revenue last year. Apple has exhibited some ravishing technologies and come up ground braking devices. The iphone itself is a result of several technologies packed up in one single device. However, like last year, Apple is in trouble again.

The California Institute of Technology has filed a legal complaint against Apple and Broadcom . Caltech is demanding a trial over violation of its several patented connectivity technologies. According to Caltech, these technologies are highly technical and ensure simpler coding and decoding circuitry for better data transmission. These technologies also ensure better performance. Apple has equipped their products with these technologies for a long time now.

The legal suit was filed at a district attorney court for central district of California. The university claimed that Apple has implemented Caltech’s Wi-Fi technologies forthright in its devices. Apple was also blamed of using these technologies to improve performance of smart devices.  The quality of data transmission rates and performance over Wi-Fi was improved because of these technologies. A number of iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch devices incorporate these technologies.

Caltech was credited with these patents between 2006 and 2012. Recently these technologies were also implemented in 802.11n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards. In the lawsuit, Caltech blamed Broadcom who is one of Apple’s prominent providers of Wi-Fi chips. The suit is rigorously seeking a jury trial against Apple and Broadcom. The Lawsuit requested the court to ensure that Apple doesn’t further sell devices with these technologies. According to experts, The University will be winning this legal battle. Last year Apple lost a similar battle by University of Wisconsin Madison for infringing patents. Apple didn’t immediately respond on the blame. The university is seeking “adequate” damages, and other support that the court deems “just and equitable,” ,  The University hasn’t provided a specific  target for a settlement . 

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