Attorney Laura revealed that Amber Heard and her best friend, both are unavailable for a disposition

Johny Depp’s divorce attorney Laura Wasser filed papers claiming that Amber Heard is trying to dodge deposition .Wasser stated that both Heard and her best friend Raquel Pennington are currently unavailable to make statements .Laura also revealed that the alleged meeting was agreed on 10th June earlier by both party.

According to Wasser , Heard and her lawyer agreed to reach a settlement on Friday. After the plan failed, Wasser tried to utilize the day by taking Heard’s deposition. But the actress suddenly became unavailable for the deposition. “Amber is trying to put Johnny on trial through the media,” Depp’s close circle commented. However, The Alice through the Looking Glass actor hasn’t commented on the divorce filings and abuse claim so far.

Amber Heard filed for divorce from Depp on May23th. After 15 months of marriage, Heard claimed that through the entire time of her marriage, Depp was verbally and physically abusive towards her. Heard was granted a restraining order on May 27th.

Later, the actress revealed photos of her bruised face with a cut on lip. Heard revealed that Depp threw a Iphone on Amber. Texts exchanged between Amber and Depps assistant Stephen was also available on the media. The photos and the texts created an instant outrage in the media. Later, Depps assistant informed the press that those exchanged texts were heavily modified. He didn’t have any conversation with amber Heard regarding the abusive treatment of Depp.

Although Depp preferred to remain silent over such intensified situation, Heard’s close circle insisted that Amber is a victim of domestic violence and is trying to move out from an abusive relationship. A close friend of Heard stated “This isn’t about money; All Amber did was try to get out of a marriage because she was suffering from abuse.”

Amber heard has requested a $50000 a month spousal support post divorce. Depps attorney has asked the judge to decline the request claiming , Amber is trying to gain financial advantage by spreading  false rumor of abuse in the press.



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