Brain of Schizophrenia Patients strive to auto healing, mesmerizing findings by new research

Schizophrenia is a vogue mental disorder and its transforming impact on patients thinking and emotion is thoroughly unpredictable. Even after countless attempts, Scientists couldn’t find a potential cure for this disorder. However this recent study results has offered reason to be optimistic while dealing with schizophrenia.

The research paper was published in the Psychology Medicine journal on May 26. Researcher Lena Palaniyappan from London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) documented the surprising augment of brain tissues in 98 patients with schizophrenia and differentiates the study results with those of 83 without the disorder. The result revealed that the brain of schizophrenia patients have this strange capability of auto healing. The Brains of the affected patients fight back the mental disease. According to several researches, Schizophrenia patients are often not able to differentiate between right and wrong. Medical treatments can only help managing the symptoms but cannot fully stop it.

The study recorded some surprising results. It was earlier known that Schizophrenia forces patients to decrease number of brain tissue volume. At the same time patients also show an augment of brain tissues in certain areas. This increase of brain tissues occur over the time. So basically the study reveals that with the time the patient feels better about his condition. The study states in their reports “Within the patient group, reduced thickness was consistently accompanied by increased thickness in distributed brain regions,”  

Researcher Palaniyappan stated in her paper “While temporo-limbic and fronto-parietal regions showed reduced thickness, the occipital cortex showed increased thickness, especially in those with a long-standing illness.” According to Palaniyappan, no matter how severely the brain is damaged, the schizophrenic patients’ brain constantly tries to auto heal itself. The result of this study is of supreme importance because it automatically opens door towards a potential treatment through which effects of schizophrenia will be totally reversed.

LHSC Psychiatry Chief Paul Links stated that “Dr. Palaniyappan and his colleagues have opened new avenues of research into our understanding of schizophrenia; Their findings may lead us to be able to harness the brain’s own compensatory changes in the face of this illness and improve recovery.”

An earlier research in this regard unveiled that children of those women who smoke during their pregnancy are in a greater risk of developing Schizophrenia. The study also showed that refugees are higher risk than others for this disorder.


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