Dozens fall sick after eating at a Popular Mexican Restaurant in Fairfield, California

A popular Mexican restaurant has been forced to close down temporarily, after health officials have successfully linked it to multiple cases of food poisoning.

So far 32 cases of food poisoning have been conformed, according to the Solano County Department of Health. And the common element in all 32 cases were – yes you guessed correctly – Alejandro’s Taqueria.

“It became clear that a number of those people had eaten at Alejandro’s restaurant, so that’s when environmental health [investigators] went to the restaurant, took a lot of specimens and closed the restaurant,” stated Dr. Michael Stacey of the Solano County Department of Health.

According to the test results, most of the victims got sick via campylobacteriosis, one of the most common types of foodborne illness. Doctors have said that most cases of campylobacteriosis is usually caused by consuming raw or semi-raw (i.e undercooked) poultry. Sometimes cross-contamination from other food items can also aid in the disease as well.

Some of the more common symptoms include diarrhea, cramps (especially in the abdominal region) and high fever. And doctors warn that the diarrhea is usually bloody and may be even accompanied by nausea and vomiting. In most of the cases, people recover within 72 to 96 hours, but in rare cases, people with weakened immune systems may suffer for prolonged periods.

The Alejandro family is in a state of shock at present. They are a good restaurant and they didn’t need this sort of publicity at present.

Danny Hernandez, the owner’s nephew and an esteemed employee of the restaurant, says that the management of Alejandro is doing everything possible to clean up this ‘mess’ and to make sure that such a thing does not happen again.

“We are good restaurant. Sorry this happened to you, hopefully it wasn’t from us,” he added.

“They will reopen again when we’re sure that it’s safe and there is no more bacteria there,” Stacey commented, when asked about the restaurant’s future.


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