Facebook is bullying its users to download Moments, Synced photos will be deleted forever unless

Facebook is sustaining its force feeding tactics, after heavy handedly forcing users to install messenger app now it is forcing users to install the new photo sharing app called Moments. Facebook even warned people that if they don’t download Moment then it is going to delete all of their privately synced photos. Facebook has provided their users with a deadline of July 7th .Users are given two option, either download Moments or download all the photos from their Synced albums.

This is was sudden shock to many facebook users because most of them forgot that they had a synced album. Back in 2012, photo-syncing was a noncompulsory feature that allowed users to customarily save all of their photos from their Smartphone into a privet album on Facebook .The idea behind this app was to store already uploaded photos in a space from where photos would be easier to find. Facebook is now threatening to delete this synced album from July7th.

Many users have reacted furiously after receiving mails from facebook regarding this force feeding.  After Messenger was shoved down into their throat, many users are still angry. Facebook forced its user to download messenger by cutting down its chat form from its main app block in spring 2014. That decision made messenger the most downloaded app overnight. Facebook was competing with other messaging apps like Wechat, Line, KakaoTalk and Kik in that time.  Still there are users who continuously protesting to use facebook’s message app Messenger and were using facebook’s mobile web app instead. However Facebook is also finishing that loophole this year. Facebook warned its user that  “your conversations are moving to Messenger.”. According to facebook, the feature will be completely paralyzed by the end of this summer.

Moment’s app will be able to scan photos for known faces and group them by date and location. Moments will make suggestion to share moments based on user’s photo collection. According to its help section, Moments can literally read camera roll to check for specific photos. However “Moement” won’t be storing photos automatically.

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