Floodwaters hits Fort Hood, kills 5 with 4 missing – Army tactical Vehicle washed away

Two more dead bodies of soldiers were discovered at Fort Hood after their military vehicle upturned, the base confirmed. This makes the total number of deceased soldiers to five. The search is still carried on for the remaining four missing soldiers, the statement said.

As of now, the reports states that there are three Fort Hood soldiers dead and six are still missing, the latest victims of a blitz of flooding in Texas that seems to show no mercy.

The public affairs office have informed that the soldiers’ tactical vehicle overturned close to a low-water crossing nearby the Owl Creek at the Central Texas Army base. The bodies of three soldiers were retrieved downstream. Reports also states that three more were rescued close to the military truck and transported back a hospital who were later declared to be in stable condition.

The unrelenting search continued for the six missing soldiers in the midst of a flood warning in the area, after a May that experienced a record rainfall in areas across Texas. Till now, June seems to be the same and have not spared any at all, while more rain and flooding is expected, CNN meteorologist Chad Myers stated.

The incident was the third tragic event of the day for the US military, right after a Blue Angels fighter pilot was killed in a crash near Tennessee. Another pilot of an Air Force jet was partaking in a Colorado graduation ceremony’s flyover – went through some minor bruises after he ejected before the craft crashed in a field.

The deceased Texas soldiers involved in the disaster are from the Army’s famed 1st Cavalry Division, which is based at Fort Hood. The mishap took place at around 11:30 a.m. in an area close to Cold Springs and Owl Creek, Fort Hood confirmed in a statement.

National Weather Service’s latest reports stated that a flash flood watch is going to be in effect in the south-central Texas until Friday morning. The storms might yield rainfall totaling more than 2 inches per hour and an over 60 mph winds.

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