Friends and Family remembers Christina Grimmie in commemoration  

The shocking death of former Voice contestant Christina Grimmie is heartbreaking and disturbing for her millions of Fans. Christina was a rising pop star and a famous Youtuber. She was shot and killed by a deranged fan. In an emotional public memorial service, packed with 1500 friends, Christina’s family and friends commemorated Christina. Her brother Marcus gave an emotional speech “All the rumors are true, when the gunman came, he was very quick, it happened so fast, her arms were open and she saw Jesus next, “Her arms were open for him, her arms were open at all times, Marcus said. “I love you Christina, you are the best.”

 Marcus tackled the gunman after he shot Christina to death. It was reported that because of Marcus, there were no further injuries in that day. However the gunman fatally shot himself after that. The gathering was organized at fellowship Alliance Chapel in Medford. The Grimmie family was attending that chapel before moving to California so that Christina can have a shinning career in music industry.

The commemorating ceremony was held in a sanctuary where a larger photo of beautiful Christina was hung from a wall and her fans were honoring her with bounty of flowers. Christina Grimmie was a promising talent and her life was taken by an act of cowardice and hatred. Last Friday Cristina was performing and signing autographs for her fans at her Orlando Concert. Voice coach Adam Levine expressed his heartfelt sorrow over such tragic and untimely death of Christina. He also urged to pay for Christina’s funereal.

According to various people who have worked with Kevin Loibl, The killer was infatuated with Christina. He went on a mission to win Christina’s heart and when it didn’t work out, he planned to kill her. The killer even changed his appearance for Christina’s attention. Kevin got hair transplant and Lasik eye surgery and went vegan to lose weight.  

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