Gay congressman pledges for a policy change that prevents gay man from donating blood

The whole Gay community in Ornaldo was furious because they were not allowed to donate blood after that recent mass shooting incident took place. Currently congress is debating over the gun legislation process because according to many gun legislation is threat to national security. At the same time one lawmaker from the congress caucus is looking for policy for the betterment of LGBT community. .Jared Polis from District of Colorado stated “The Orlando blood bank put out the call that they needed several kinds of blood, luckily donors stepped up. Of course, the friends, the loved ones, and even spouses of those directly affected were unable to give in that way,”

Jared Polis is the first man from the government who is openly gay. Jared Polis won the election as freshman and currently is in a mission to modify food and drug administration policies those prevent LGBT community from social rights. According to the current law, any man who has had sexual contact with another man in the past 12 months is unable to donate blood. Along with fellow congressmen, Mike Quigley and Barbara Lee, Jared is planning to send a letter to FDA Commissioner Robert Califf pleading for urgent ban against this policy.

Before December 2015 the policy stated any man who had physical encounter with another man cant donate blood ever.This policy was instilled after AIDS became epidemic during 1985.Jared stated “There’s no science that would support the conclusion that there’s something inherently different about the risk profile based on who someone loves, Right now we have the very bizarre and perverse situation that actually endangers our national blood supply, where if somebody happens to be straight but has had unprotected sex with multiple partners of the opposite sex, they’re allowed to donate, But if somebody is gay and married and in a monogamous relationship they’re actually screened out.” 

After the Ornaldo shooting, the FDA announced “At this time there is an adequate supply of blood to meet the need, and the scientific evidence is not available to support an alternative to the current deferral policy. We empathize with those who might wish to donate, but reiterate that at this time no one who needs blood is doing without it.” However FDA wished to reverse the policy once supporting scientific elements are available. Jared Polis urges that policy to control blood donation should be based on factors such as exposure to unprotected sex and intravenous of drug abuses.


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