Google announced new AI based research center in Europe

Like other Tech giant, Google is highly ambitious of its AI vision. Google is very obvious of its AI projects that Google hasn’t made public announcement regarding its AI vision. Recently Google has declared its next big step to improve future AI inventions.  A new research Europe purely focused on machine learning. Google’s Research center in Zurich, Switzerland, The newly constructed research center will be focusing on three major factors of artificial intelligence. Those are Machine perception, Machine intelligence and natural language processing. The news was announced by Emmanuel Mogenet, the head of Google research center in Europe.

According to the announcement, the new research center will provide guideline so that machine learning infrastructure will be improved in the long run. So far now, Google researcher will be working closely to enhance the understanding of natural language. Google has already improved the performances of translator, photo researcher and smart reply as their machine intelligence tools.

Google also informed that why it took initiative to have a research center in Europe because world’s top technical universities reside in Europe. Google is taking this opportunity to build up their own team for the betterment of future AI creations. This isn’t Google first research center in Europe either. Google Germany , the research center for artificial intelligence in a nonprofit and base home to 450 scientists , academics and other researchers who work mostly on language technology, embedded intelligence , augmented reality , knowledge management and multimedia analysis, and data mining. Google recently bought a UK based startup named DeepMind with 500$ million USD. Google later invested Oxford Universities AI research team in the startup project. With all its investment, Google is rumored t be way ahead then Microsoft and Facebook in AI related researching.

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