Gravitational wave was detected for the second time, LIGO team confirmed

Physicists from the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational Waves Observatory (LIGO) have come up with a mesmerizing finding. LIGO has confirmed the identification of gravitational waves for the second time in this year. Albert Einstein predicted the existence of Gravitational wave a century ago. The (LIGO) physicists attained accolade after confirming the existence of gravitational wave in February.

MIT’s David Shoemaker who led LIGO stated “Just the fact that we’ve now seen more than one [gravitational wave source] is very exciting,” said MIT’s David Shoemaker, It takes us out of the ‘gee whiz, could it be true?’ mindset to yes, this is a tool that we can use.”

According to expert opinion, when the heaviest objects in our gigantic universe collides in a fierce collusion, they send back shockwaves .These shockwaves emerges across space-time and are known as gravitational wave. Gravitational wave is mesmerizingly faint. But this is happening in this universe. Gravitational wave opens us towards a world of gravitational cosmology, far enlightening than our perception of electromagnetic spectrum. One can say that if electrometric waves are the visuals of the universe then gravitational waves are the music of it.

LIGO was first born in 2002. After few years of futile attempts, LIGO was renovated as Advanced LIGO with three times of sensitivity of its predecessor. After the introduction of advanced LIGO, it collected data and identified gravitational wave.

The group of scientists detected one black hole spinning with the other. The group of research also observed that the black hole made 50 rotations while in the band of LIGO’s detectors. The number of spin reveals information regarding the formation of the object. However, detailed information on more pairs of black hole formation is necessary to fully understand the collusion story.  

Penn state physicist and the collaborator of LIGO Chad Hanna stated “It will be exciting, as we get more detections and do further analyses in the years to come, to disentangle the clues about where these black holes come from, Now that we are able to detect gravitational waves, they are going to be a phenomenal source of new information about our galaxy and an entirely new channel for discoveries about the universe.” There are possibilities that in future astronomers will be able to direct their telescope towards gravitational wave and actually pinpoint the source.

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