Kristen Bell urged that the betterment of mental health should be reviewed with utmost seriousness

Kristen Bell is hoping that revealing her personal battle with depression and mental trauma will help assuaging the social stigma surrounding mental illness. Kristen bell opened up of her constant battle with depression in a new essay for Motto stating “I didn’t speak publicly about my struggles with mental health for the first 15 years of my career, but now I’m at a point where I don’t believe anything should be taboo. So here I am, talking to you about what I’ve experienced.” 

Bell explained that she felt tremendously depressed during her stay at New York University. Bell stated “I felt plagued with a negative attitude and a sense that I was permanently in the shade.” She added, I’m normally such a bubbly, positive person, and all of a sudden I stopped feeling like myself.” The actress who is famous for her bubbly personality suddenly turned into a completely isolated and lonely person.  Although so many positive things were going on in her life, Bell felt extremely depressed all the time. Kristen Bell stated “I felt worthless, like I had nothing to offer, like I was a failure.” 

Bell has praised her mom’s constant support and openness towards mental illness for providing her with the strength and courage for seeking help. Bell stated “It’s important for me to be candid about this so people in a similar situation can realize that they are not worthless and that they do have something to offer. The actress also pointed out that the “extreme stigma” surrounding mental health makes it difficult for people to seek for help when it comes to mental disease. She revealed that “20% of American adults face some form of mental illness in their lifetime. So why aren’t we talking about it?”  

Bell also recommended that a regular mental health check up should be a routine like other health related appointments.  Kristen also commented that “Depression is a problem that actually has so many solutions. Let’s work together to find those solutions for each other and cast some light on a dark situation.”


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