Large Cap Diversified Machinery: Dover Corporation (NYSE:DOV)


Dover Corporation (NYSE:DOV), from Industrial Goods sector has been on the upside of the performance spectrum.

Dover Corporation stated a price of 77.42 today, indicating a positive change of -0.30%.

Dover Corporation is operating with a market capitalization of 12064.95, with a return on assets (ROA) of 5.40% and an average volume of 1314.93.

At present the return on equity (ROE) stands at 13.60% and the debt to equity stands at 0.95.

(Good to know: Return on Equity [ROE] is the simple measurement of profitability that takes into account how many dollars of profit an organization makes with each dollar of shareholder’s equity.)


The 52-week high for Dover Corporation stands at -5.95% while the 52-week low stands at 43.61%.

The performance week for Dover Corporation is at -0.13% and the performance month is at -0.09%. The quarterly and half-yearly performance stats stands at 19.22% and 6.59% respectively.

The performance (Year to Date) is at 3.63%.

The simple 20 day moving average for Dover Corporation is 0.94% and the simple 200-day moving average is at 9.27%.

The volatility (week) for Dover Corporation is at 1.60% and the volatility (month) is at 2.10%

(Good to know: Volatility in finance basically means the degree of disparity of a trading price series over time as calculated by the standard deviation of returns.)


Dover Corporation’s short ratio is currently at 1.68 and the float short is at 1.44%.

Dover Corporation’s P/E ratio currently stands at 23.88, while the P/S ratio is at 1.78 and the potential growth rate of earnings per share this year is at -13.20%.

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