New Survey on social skill, Research team highlighted influences of Love Hormone on Human brain

A recent scientific study has elaborated the activity of a specific gene on human social behavior. The study states that this particular gene has immense capability to influencing human emotions on how they form social emotional connections. Thus this gene has impacts on nourishment of healthy human relationship.

The group of researcher stated that significant poor activity of this particular gene can affect someone’s social behavior and minimize the capability of connecting socially.  The group of researcher further stated that the OXT gene is highly involved in the production of Oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone which solely influences   social behavior of people. Oxytocin is called the “Love Hormone”.

The research team of The University of Georgia assembled more than 120 people in their team. The team conducted through genetic tests and in depth assessments of social and connectivity skill. The research team also checked the structure of brain and the regular functions of human brains.

The intense investigation by the research team found out that the minimizing activity of the OXT gene provides a difficult time in identifying emotional expressions and ignites more anxiousness in maintaining relationships with their near ones. The research also detailed how the low activity of OXT in people influences them in social thinking. These people also showed less gray matter in an area of the brain. This part of brain is responsible for face processing skill and social thinking. The lead author of the study team Brain Haas announced “All of our tests indicate that the OXT gene plays an important role in social behavior and brain function,” Brian Haas is  an assistant professor of psychology from the University of Georgia.

Although the findings are extremely important for social studies right now, the research team also states that these are very basic findings on this field. According to the team, further studies and detailed survey is still needed to be able to hold clear perception. These findings can lead us towards a better treatment for social disorders. The research was published was published June 20 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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