Orlando Gunman donated blood at OneBlood center just two weeks prior the attack

The Orlando Gunman, who killed 49 people and wounded more than 50 people at a gay nightclub, has donated blood to a specific center that supplied blood for injured people of that incident. The donation center is known as OneBlood donation center .OneBlood donation center has confirmed that Omar Mateen actually donated blood in their center at May 29th.OneBlood center declared that their staff recognized Omar from the news clip.

The vice president of OneBlood released an official statement “OneBlood has learned that Omar Mateen donated blood at a mobile blood drive in Ft. Pierce, Florida, on May 29, all facets of the donation were in our normal parameters for blood donation, including screening questions and post-donation blood testing. A staff member recognized Mateen’s face from media photos and told their supervisor. “The statement further stated that Mateen’s donation was checked from the OneBlood’s database and the Law Enforcement section was informed about it. OneBlood uses donation up to 42 days of receiving, OneBlood hasn’t revealed how they have used Mateen’s donation.

OneBlood Gathered a lot of attention after the shooting took place. Hundreds of people were lined up at queues to donate their blood to help the victims of the shooting. The Blood Center also lost one of its employees named Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala, a 33 year old victim of the tragedy. OneBlood also revealed that Rodolfo was a regular employee of the blood donate center since 2011. He was promoted to the platelet supervisor position recently.

OneBlood Center released a statement commemorating Rodolfo. The statement says “He was passionate about saving lives and took great pride in the lifesaving work he performed. Rodolfo was often called upon to share his knowledge and best practices with many of the people in his department and was an intricate part of a team of people who work diligently to help save lives. He was a caring and friendly person and will be greatly missed by everyone who had the honor of knowing him.” OneBlood Center is requesting honorable donors to make a prior appointment to make sure the staff of the center is not over pressured with so many donations at the same time.

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