Seine River Flooding takes its toll on France as death toll rises to 4

According to officials the death toll has risen to four, as the flooding in Paris continues. Officials have confirmed that at-least 4 people have died as the water level of the Seine river in Paris reached its peak overnight.

Even though the update is that the water level is slowly decreasing, authorities have warned that it could take up to 8-10 days for the river to return to its normal state. The river reached a level of more than 15 feet than its average, the highest level in more than 3 decades.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls stated that at-least 24 people have been injured in connection with the Paris flooding, after an emergency meeting at a government crisis center on Saturday.

Valls stated that as the water level of the Seine river decreases, several ministerial meetings will be held in within next week to come up with feasible action plans to ensure quick financial help for all those affected.

He did not add any further details on the additional deaths, which has brought the total recent death toll in Europe due to flooding, to 17.

According to Enedis, one of the leading French energy companies, at-least 17,000 homes were still without electricity on Saturday, located mainly in the Paris and central France region. Heavy rainfall have pounded several European countries, including Romania, Germany and France which have led to the serious flooding in the past week.

Not surprisingly French authorities have been forced to shut the famous Louvre museum, the national library, the Grand Palais and the Orsay museum.

Authorities from the Louvre museum stated that the facility won’t open before Wednesday as they are scrambling to relocate more than 250,000 pieces of priceless artworks from basement storage areas, which are at high risk of flooding to safer areas.

Authorities have also been forced to shut down several railway and subway stations in Paris city center as drivers experienced horrific traffic congestion in and around the French capital.

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