Some Sunscreens claims of SPF 50 protection but actually provides SPF 8, Consumer report urging to seek better products

A shocking report published this week confirming that a high number of sunscreen claimed of SPF 50 but in reality is an average SPF 8.The consumer report stated that they have screened and investigated thoroughly around 65 most popular sun screens on the market. Surprisingly around 43 percent of those failed terribly to meet the SPF claim they brag of.

On the recent July addition, the consumer report professes “Three of them fell far short, with an SPF of less than 15, That’s not enough protection, and it could leave you vulnerable to sunburn and possible long-term skin damage, such as wrinkles or skin cancer.”

According to the report, CVS Kids Sun Lotion SPF 50 and Banana Boat Kids Tear-Free, Sting-Free Lotion SPF 50, boasted of SPF 50 but actually is SPF 8. Another example was Cucumber Natural which claims of SPF 30 but actually is SPF 14.

Mark Waldman, Louisville dermatologist of Advanced Dermatology stated that how surprising it was for him finding that those sunscreens were so off the mark in the consumer report testing. Waldman said “If someone said they’re a 50 (SPF) and they’re a 40, we can live with that because it’s not terrible; it’s above a 30 (SPF), But when someone says they’re a 50 (SPF) and they’re an 8 or a 20. That’s a big, big difference.”

Waldman further suggested wearing a sunscreen that has a reported SPF of 30. Consumer reports also suggested looking for higher SPF sunscreen such as 40 or more. With that sort of support, one would have more chances of surviving without getting burned. The publication notes “even if a product doesn’t deliver its claimed SPF, you’ll have a better chance of getting a minimum level of coverage,” the publication noted. The publication further stated “In fact, not a single one (mineral sunscreen) made our list of recommended sunscreens this year (or in years past), in part because only four of 13 met their promised SPF,”

In order to achieve a recommendation from the publication, one product must meet the claimed SPF range. If the chosen product performs fantastic in providing UVA and UVB protection and scores overall higher than 80 then the product is accepted as a good product. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk and Pure Sun Defense SPF 50 Disney Frozen scored fantastic in the screening test.


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