Taylor Swift surprised a couple by crashing their marriage event, surprising everyone

The news of breakup of the loved up couple “Taylor swift and Calvin Harris “is still dominating the media. In this era of counterfeited and derivative compositions, a musician couple as talented and famous as Taylor and Harris was highly admired. It was earlier noted while the break up was initiated by the world’s number one Dj, Calvin Harris, there was no animosity between them regarding the break up. Neither of them cheated and they parted away amicably. The musician couple dated for 15 months before ending it citing lack of spark in their relationship. The newly single star swift took this low time of hers to surprise a couple by attending their marriage. The singer surprised everyone by taking such measure.

Photos were posted on the social media, and her fans got to know that Taylor attended this ceremony at the brant beach Yact club in New Jersey. The star overwhelmed the couple by posing with them in their wedding photos and also performed “Blank space” on the Piano. Taylor posted photos of the ceremony writing “Congratulations Max and Kenya!!” on the Instragram. Taylor wore a Rubin Singer cocktail dress on the ceremony. The surprise took another level when her Ex-Boyfriend Calvin Harris liked the photo on the instragram.

The friends and the family members of the couple took social media to reveal the lovely surprise .Many of the friends and family members of the couple posted their excitement on the social media.  A family member wrote on the twitter “So Taylor swift showed up to my cousins wedding… #Surprised,” a different guest wrote on this incident, “REMEMBER WHEN TAYLOR SWIFT CRASHED MY SISTER’S WEDDING.” And yes, all caps were absolutely necessary.

According to the guest of the event, Taylor mitigated the initial enthusiasm of the invited peoples with the help of groom’s sister. It was informed that Max and his wife took marriage vow in the hospital so that his mom won’t have to miss out the biggest day of his life. Later his mom and Max danced on the Blank Space number on the wedding event.

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