U.C.L.A gunman targeted two professors and gunned down a lady in Minnesota

The gunman fatally shot the same U.C.L.A. professor under whom he had studied before, and apparently killed a woman near his house in Minnesota, then rushed to California planning to murder two more professors, but luckily found only one of them, law enforcement officials informed in statement released on Thursday.

The man identified as Mainak Sarkar, slayed Prof. William S. Klug on Wednesday morning, then committed suicide, leaving a note that stated to check on his cat at his home in St. Paul, Minn., the Los Angeles police chief, Charlie Beck, confirmed. Law officials found what they labeled as “a hit list,” that displayed the names of Dr. Klug, another U.C.L.A. professor and a woman who lived somewhere close to Brooklyn Park, Minn.

Los Angeles officials notified the Brooklyn Park police shortly after midnight, and the officers who investigated the address found there a deceased adult female of a seemingly gunshot wound, stated Mark Bruley, the deputy police chief of Brooklyn Park. Police authorities in both the cities have declined to provide the name of the deceased woman or describe her relationship with Mr. Sarkar.

People who recognized her acknowledged her as Ashley Hasti. She was a medical student and the ex-girlfriend of Mr. Sarkar; public records states that for a period, they both lived at her address in Brooklyn Park, a decent split-level beige house on a subtle, tree-shaded street.

Ms. Hasti was also studying Asian languages and literature at the University of Minnesota. She then enrolled in medical school later. Her grandmother Jean Johnson described her to be the type who was always interested in everything, said. She stated, “That girl was so smart that you simply couldn’t get beat her.”

Hennepin County records stated that Ms. Hasti and Mr. Sarkar were wedded in 2011, and the existing legal status of their marriage was vague, though neighbors confirmed that they did not ever remember seeing Mr. Sarkar nearby her house in the suburbs north of Minneapolis.


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