Weight Loss surgery expands lifespan of individuals who went through it, new study reveals

Experts have unveiled that Weight-loss surgery have considerably lowered the number of premature death of many obese people. Several surveys have revealed that the death rate in obese people have dropped about 1 percent. The result was compared with obese people who didn’t have weight loss surgery in their life.

The researcher was conducted by Christina Persson from The University of Gothenburg in Sweden .The study apparently examined data from 49,000 obese people in Sweden. The individuals who went through the survey were between 18 and 74 years old. Among these people, more than 22500 people had constructive weight loss surgery .The study result of these peole was compared with other 26000 people who didn’t went through this surgery. A huge number of people who had the surgery endured the procedure gastric bypass. More than 93 percent people went through gastric bypass.

By reviewing the study result, the study group revealed that death rate was reduced by 57 percent. Also after conducting the surgery, most of the people held a steady figure. Post surgery, those people mostly died because of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, accidents, suicide and other natural death. However, heart diseases and cancer were the most common cause among those who didn’t have the weight loss surgery. According to the researcher, the study is scheduled to be submitted at the European Obesity Summit very soon. The research findings would also be presented at the preliminary meetings before being published in peer- reviewed journals.

The study finishes with statement such as “This population-based cohort observational study indicates that the overall all-cause mortality is considerably lower among obese individuals who undergo bariatric surgery compared to non-surgical obese individuals, and the differences lies mainly in cardiovascular disease and cancer,”  However, a different   study stated that a bariatric surgery produces the best possible solution in treating diabetes. According to a survey, 30 to 63 percent of people who have had a weight loss surgery went into “long term remission” .Researchers are thrilled with this study result and following this to origin new guidelines.


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