Who is going to rule the livestreaming business, Youtube still has a chance

You Tube reacted harshly when the house representatives choose periscope and Facebook instead of YouTube for their live streaming session. The company announced that Youtube has been offering its live streaming tool way before Facebook and Periscope ever approached this idea.

Although this might be very true but a single app like periscope is far easier to use for a live streaming session.  It’s easier to go live with a single button.  The Youtube has announced that it will redo its mobile app with a red capture button so that the video creators will be able to broadcast immediately whatever they want to publish. This button was launched last year to conduct a video recording season much simpler. However Youtube regrets the live streaming component it has introduced in that time.

This livestreaming technology has matured a lot from its initial days of molibecast. Apps like Flixwagon, Qik, Kyte and others are chasing each other in this cut through era market. However these apps were launched before their times, mobile bandwidth to handle livestreams wasn’t as available as it is today. In those days, Smartphone were not a viable option for everyone. Also few apps required to be jailbreak for performance. If the scenario was not like todays then Facebbok, Twitter won’t be able to reach millions of viewers.

Last year the successful launching of Meerkat and its fantastic popularity dominated the return of broadcasting. Still there are serious concern that if market would be able to end up being one of the two prominent key players. There is also possibility of an ecosystem of niche live streaming service to bloom. Although Youtube has designed the tool for years now but the robust technology to support livestreaming.  Everyday people got addicted with apps like periscope. A lot of powerful people like politicians lashed out their own smart phones and launched periscope instead. The new app periscope is very easy to use and also addictive too. This app also provides an option to creator video and sends emoticons to followers.  

After all, there’s a reason why a bunch of politicians — not necessarily the most technically minded folks — whipped out their smart phones and launched Periscope. The app is straightforward and easy to use. It’s engaging, too — with the ability to chat to the video creator and send “hearts” to show your support.

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